A quick introduction to our right hand guys and girls... Bridesmaids

Kati Kati is officially the best big sister ever. Becky rudely interrupted her life by arriving on the scene when she was thirteen years old. Ever since, Kati has been a leading light 
in Becky’s life, fashion icon and purveyor of all things cool. 
In fact she had a large part to play in honing the personal styles of Becky, Mel, Ruth and Sophie with the large bags 
of Topshop and Miss Selfridges clothes that she would bring to Manchester when they were but unsophisticated, penniless teenagers. For this, and so much more besides, Kati, we salute you! Ruth Becky and Ruth have known each other since they were 
nine but didn’t really talk for the first three years of their acquaintance because Ruth was in the “other class” at school and it was a well-known fact it was against the rules 
to fraternize. They were finally united in 7G and haven’t stopped talking since. Ruth has been there for all the big moments in Becky’s life; the tears, the laughter, the times that can’t be mentioned in polite company but, most especially, the time the caravan exploded on the motorway 
in France and they got to stay in a 5* hotel in Paris at the 
age of fourteen. This was a formative experience that may help to explain their love of a little luxury to this day. Mel When they were twelve years old Melissa Wong and Becky Wright met and were henceforth “Wong and Wright”. Always at the end of the class register, they were the yin to each other’s yang. Their love of name-based puns has survived 
to this day and although they may no longer sit at adjacent desks they still make a great double act – even if they are the only ones laughing at their jokes. When they aren’t living the London high life, they are mostly to be found falling asleep 
on each other’s sofas. Sophie Friendship was inevitable from the moment Sophie pretended to know Becky on her first day at Manchester High so that she would be chosen to show her round her new school. Confused but ever so grateful, Becky was happy to comply and by the end of that first week they were officially best friends. They bonded over a mutual love of Sylvanian Families, The Phantom of the Opera and Uncle Ben’s chicken korma sauce. Twenty one years later and their friendship is still going strong and Sophie (and her lovely husband Rich) has blessed Becky with not one, but two lovely god-daughters, Lily and Olivia. Look out for them on the day. 
They are super cute! Pearl This little lady is definitely proof that good things come in small (if rapidly growing) packages. She is one of the funniest people Aunty (oh yes) Karl and Aunty Becky have ever met. She is also a mean little artist and her pictures brighten up the walls of her nearest and dearest. She is going to be the best flower girl and Becky would like to say a very special thank you for all Pearl’s excellent sartorial advice when she was choosing her wedding dress. This girl knows her fashion. Verity The acting course at Manchester Met brought Becky and Verity together but laughing until their sides hurt and copious amounts of red wine has kept them together ever since. They lived together for three years, the third one in a house that Adam (see groomsmen for more info on this awesome guy) and Karl were allowed to share too and a dreamier team will never be found. Just don’t mention the night they all spent many tequila fuelled hours trying to perfect “that” lift from Dirty Dancing. What happened at Longford Road, stays at Longford Road. Ali Karl and Al's friendship blossomed when they discovered a passion for trying to get the other one as wrecked as possible. Things haven't changed. Ali is best man for a number of reasons. Firstly, rule number 1 (ask him about it, he'd love to tell you), secondly he loves the sound of his own voice so jumped at the chance to make a public speech. Thirdly, see rule number 1. Karl asked Ali to be his best man long before he'd asked Becky to be his wife. 
Barnaby Barney is another great friend to Becky and Karl. He and Karl bonded when they found themselves with with a lot of spare time on their hands - they were both very underemployed. Through this they discovered another love - sitting in different parts of Manchester drinking beer. After they graduated they spent some of their time photographing. Sometimes on beaches. Sometimes in fields. Lying in the grass. With clothes missing. Don't ask. Barney did the photography for the animation above. He's well professional now. Thankfully no one had to remove their clothes. Gareth Bread-face as he likes to be known has been like Karl and Becky's little dog. He loves having his hair ruffled and he kicks his leg when you scratch his ear. We couldn't be happier that he will be the Master Of Ceremonies for our fabulous day. This means he'll be doing some talking at some point. So listen, don't listen, it's up to you. Just bear in mind he may get upset if you don't. Adam If it wasn't for Becky and Verity there would be no Adam and Karl. No long afternoons rocking out on the Wii. No lights off, remove their trousers, get caught by the girls evening. Again, don't ask... Adam also makes the best burgers in Manchester. Becky and Karl know this because they've eaten LOADS of them. On top of this, he's just generally awesome. Great mate, great cook, great drinker. What more could you want? Connor This photo says it all... He's family though so he has to be there. Matthew This little man is a mean mover and shaker. He will accept any challenges of dance offs, Nerf wars or Who's-the-most-awesome competitions. Just to give you a heads up, you won't win. He will. He's awesome. Arty This piano playing, skateboarding, footballing ledge is quite simply cool. No effort required. He will probably astound you at some point during the wedding with a dazzling magic trick. It will blow your mind but it'll probably cost you. Also, if he gets his own way, he'll be donning his precious Arsenal kit.
Best Man
(Very Important Parents) Mary and Chris PTAAAS
(People That Are Amazing At Stuff)
Pronounced "pee-tars". Not "pet-arse".
If it wasn't for these four incredible people we would not be who we are today. We probably would never have met each other either. They have, through their wisdom and love, made us into the half decent people we are. We want to thank them for everything they have done for us throughout our lives and continue to do so every day. We love you. Ta. 

 There is a large and ever growing list of people who deserve a massive thank you in the run up to our wedding. Actually, all of you deserve a HUGE thanks. However we just want to say an especially big 'Ta' to Anup. 
He designed and made the beautiful invitations that tumbled through your letter box. They are pretty and wonderful and so is he. Also, we want to say 'OMG. You is quality' to Sam. He designed the joyful eye-gasms that you're looking at right now. This website would not have been anywhere near as splendid without him. Although it would have probably been finished quicker. Thank you, gents. You really have gone above and beyond. Michelle and Dave