Go to the Ironmongers Hall for 1pm. Get wed. Walk to St John. Drink some bubbles. Chow down. Speeches. Dance. Wobble away feeling very happy around 1am Some of you lovely people have been asking us about wedding presents. So, our plan was to take some time out after the wedding to travel round Mexico. We were all ready to set up one of those jazzy websites where you could have helped us pay for extra leg room on the plane, an upgrade to the honeymoon suite or a bag of nachos. As it turns out, Becky decided it would be a really good idea to start studying for an MA nine days after the wedding. The best laid plans and all that..... Anyway, Meh-hee-co will have wait. For now. If you would like to make a wee donation to our future travels it would be very much appreciated. We will be sure to raise a glass to you when we make it overseas and bore you silly with pictures on our return."